You may have a fantastic product or service, but unless you get the message out using great content, consumers may never know about it. With 81 % of purchasers going online to research before buying, companies must not only have a visible online presence, but exceptional content, as well. Here are 12 tips for creating great content for social media.

1. Define Your Audience

Identify who you are selling to. Determine the demographics of that group.

2. Target Your Audience

The audience demographics will dictate what type of material you use. Targeting the audience creates content that fits.

3. Determine Your Objective

What do you hope to accomplish with the content? Will it serve to sell your product or service or is it for informational purposes?

4. Captivate Your Audience in the Opening

Begin with catchy or interesting content. Sometimes asking a question will spark curiosity.

5. Create Interest or Desire to Keep Reading

Have you ever read a great opening only to be let down by what followed? It is essential to keep the material engaging so the reader is not disappointed.

6. Utilize Pictures, Info-graphics, and Videos

Words are definitely not the only type of content. Studies show images and videos get 94 % more views than those without. So, use images to highlight your message.

7. Be concise

Wordiness has its place – in college thesis papers, but when it comes to social media content, conciseness brings clarity. Besides, your readers will thank you for it (considering the average attention span is only 8 seconds).

8. Take Care of Typography 

Vary font type, size, and bold-face for headings to accentuate visual appeal.

9. Add testimonials when appropriate

A well-written testimony brings authenticity and depth to your company as nothing else will.

10. Weave in Hashtags to Drive Engagement

Forbes had this to report about the use of hashtags for marketing, “more than 70 percent of consumers favor hashtags on mobile devices and nearly half are motivated to explore new content when hashtags are present.”

11. Bond with Your Audience

Everyone wants to feel connected to something or someone. A Harvard Business Review conducted a study and found that people have emotional motivators; when companies tap into these motivators, they will be successful.

12. Keep Brand Images and Message Consistent

Branding is significant to ensuring your company’s success. Developing consistent images, logos, and content keeps the brand name coherent. This solidification of your brand is essential and content plays a big part.

With consumers being barraged from every side by media messages, employ these 12 tips to bring your content to an exceptional level.