YouTube now has more eyeballs in the all-important 18-49 demographic – where almost any business will receive the bulk of their revenues – than any other media platform. If YouTube videos are not part of your marketing strategy you are simply missing out on huge potential growth. If you are already there you need to make sure you AREN’T doing the following:

Don’t Waste Time

What does that mean? If you know anything about some of the famous rags to riches YouTuber stories – Michelle Phan etc – you should know that they obsess over EVERY FRAME of their videos. There are no “um’s or ah’s” and long pauses that have no purpose (processes are even sped up). The average member of this demographic has an attention span of roughly 10 seconds (maybe even less). EVERY FRAME must be significant. Pretend like each second is costing you 100,000. You will certainly pay more attention to content that way.


This same demographic will not typically spend more than 20-30 seconds on pure promotional material. They need content that can help provide some kind of value or entertainment. Even then it can’t be too long. Make it count because….


Content is King. As always the better your story the more eyeballs. But it’s not just that. When people post to social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, the clicks are not coming because of content only. They stay for that. They’re coming because of what people BELIEVE the content is. That means your title needs to be killer. Model some of the posts you consider click bait. If they caused you to click, the same method will draw large numbers to your video. These three steps will help improve your video marketing considerably. Take a look at what you are doing now and see how you can improve.

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