Instagram is everywhere these days. Whether you’re just you, sharing selfies and shots of your coffee, or a business looking to reach out to other companies or customers, it seems like EVERYONE is using this social media network. It’s with good reason too!  More and more marketers are seeing a shift towards visual marketing, according to the Social Media Examiner’s Market Report. Here are three ways other companies are using it and you can too.

One: Instagram Profiles Reach A Wider Audience

Since Instagram transitioned from being strictly a phone app to being an online presence as well, it’s allowed businesses to reach out and use their photos within their blogs or webpages. It acts as a living collage, constantly changing and working to turn website visitors into potential followers, and thus potential customers.  This is especially true for companies like Shwood and Almond Surfboards, small companies with small marketing budgets who focus their efforts on Instagram.

Takeaway: Instagram isn’t just an app any longer, and it’s not just for big brands.

Two: Boost Engagement with Promo Codes and Contests

Brands like Sony and TopShop have proven that you can boost engagement with your audience by hosting things like contests or hiding promo codes within the descriptions of your photos.  Contests work in multiple ways. You can show off the brand loyalty that people have and you can reward said loyalty (thus building future fans and loyalty), and that draws more attention to your brand. Promo codes, on the other hand, are a way of rewarding those fans you already have. By putting the codes into some (but not all) of your photos, you’re making it so that fans will end up looking at more of your photos, and likely share or like more of them.

Takeaway: Engagement with your customers is the best thing, whether you’re posting photos of your products or photos of your company celebrating together.

Three: Feature Your Customers

There’s nothing better than seeing a friendly face when it comes to drawing people in. It’s even more effective if it’s not just someone who works with your company, but someone who is already a customer. Customers are the advocates for your company, and featuring them is a great way to tell the story of your company from the outside in. Using Instagram in this fashion allows you to give a face (or many varied, individual faces) to your company and improve your connection with your audience.

Takeaway: It’s social media! Your customers, be they everyday people or other businesses, are part of your story. Make sure they know you appreciate them.

Based on all of this, you might think that Instagram is only for B2C businesses, but that’s not the case. B2B businesses can profit from this form of marketing as well. Just like B2C companies, you just need to focus on selling a story.

If you have any questions or want to get started with Instagram today, why not give us a call?