Video continues to be one of the most powerful driving forces in today’s marketing arena, equally essential for established businesses as well as startups. A recent study by Demand Metric determined that video content converts better than any other medium, yet only 15% of businesses are making use of it as part of their marketing strategy. In order to remain competitive in today’s aggressive marketplace, it is essential that you incorporate video into your marketing strategy.

Here are five compelling reasons you need to use video marketing in order to remain competitive.

Exponential Growth 

You know the power of the internet and work to harness it as your business’s marketing message carrier. But are you using to greatest effect? By 2019, 80% of online traffic will include video, and video accounted for more than half of all mobile data usage in 2015. Marketers not incorporating video into their marketing plan will simply be left in the dust of those who do. And remaining mindful of your target market’s mobile usage will help you incorporate video strategically.

More Than a Message

Video marketing has changed from simple brand messaging to relationship marketing, from first contact through sales and followup. No longer is video simply an afterthought on a company’s website. According to a recent report by Ascend2, video marketing is moving toward being the driving force behind true customer relationship building, starting with customer testimonials through product information and even interviews with thought leaders to help drive brand awareness and conversions.

Best ROI

Statistics show video CTR to be more than double that of any other marketing medium. Within limits, the shorter and more direct the video, the higher the engagement and conversion. With the rising popularity of video marketing, accurately measuring video ROI is becoming simpler to track as relationship marketing incorporates video at every level of engagement.

Potential Multi-Platform Reach

By November 2015, Facebook reported 8 billion average daily video views, and engagement with brand videos is growing exponentially and overtaking YouTube. To put that in perspective, there are 6 billion hours of video watched on YouTube every month, yet only 9% of small businesses actively use YouTube as part of their marketing strategy. By strategically using video on your website as well as on multiple social media platforms, you will solidify your brand’s competitive position in the marketplace.

The Ultimate SEO Strategy

With video content at least 50 times more likely to show up on Google’s first page of search, you can’t afford not to use this powerful strategy in your marketing plan. However, compelling SEO is more than a few key words thrown in to your video title. 2016 brings integration of Google’s algorithm update that, in part, ranks higher based on time visitors remain engaged on your site. Want to take full advantage of this new time ranking system? Keep your videos short, which will increase viewer retention to help increase your search ranking. More generally, Google’s updated search algorithm means a greater emphasis on quality content – and video can be the ultimate measure that helps propel your site to page one of search.

In today’s highly competitive landscape, video marketing is essential to the success of your business. Whether you are a small or large business, established or just starting out, contact us today to explore how video marketing can work for you.