Do I need Twitter for my business? There are many ways to market your company. Many people ask themselves whether Twitter is the way to go. If you find yourself in that place then take a moment to consider these points:

Real-time Market Monitoring.

Twitter offers a forum for you to hear what your customers (and potential customers) are saying about your company, products, services, the industry you’re in, your competitors and more. Monitoring keywords and hashtags can provide valuable insights for very little investment.

Boost Your Website Traffic.

Tweeting interesting links will bring traffic to your site. If the readers like what they find they will Re-Tweet (RT) to their followers who might also visit your site.


Your Return On Investment (ROI) couldn’t be better. Twitter is free unless you decide to use one of their sponsorship services. Just a little of your time can bring huge results.

Interactive Forum.

Traditional marketing meant the sender would create and send a message and then wait. If the message was well received then there might be a sales increase. However, it was difficult to tell exactly what was and wasn’t working. With Twitter, your customers can respond immediately. Many companies are using this to their advantage. For example, Keurig monitors for people discussing any issues they are having with their coffee makers and then they will politely interrupt with an offer to assist. Not only do they solve the problem but they do it in a very public fashion.

Connect and Direct.

It’s common to use Twitter to promote things happening on other social media channels. For example, if you are having a contest on your Facebook page you can tweet about it and include a link.


Twitter provides a place for your company to be personable. Interacting with customers and even competitors is a fun way to use Twitter. Taco Bell and White Castle had a playful exchange on Twitter involving super model Chrissy Teigen. White Castle told Chrissy, “All we have to say is, your an original cover model. We’re an original slider. It’s a match made in heaven.” Taco Bell responded with one word: *You’re- making fun of White Castle’s grammar slip. The response was incredible and went even beyond Twitter when sites featured the exchange. Companies who master Twitter make a lasting impression.

So, do you need Twitter for your business? You could probably manage without it, but why would you want to? Twitter can be essential when you are having an event or launching a new product. Here’s a couple tips on how you can use Twitter for your business.

Host a Twitter Chat.

Have you ever heard of a Twitter chat? It’s a fantastic way to get a lot of people interacting at once. How it works it through utilizing hashtags (#) that are clicked to bring all the tweets into a single timeline. Anyone can read and join in by simply adding their tweet and including the hashtag. For example, if you are hosting a grand opening at your new BBQ restaurant, you set up a hashtag that is fun and easy to remember: #NewBBQ and then get the ball rolling. “How many people are excited about the #NewBBQ on 17th St? Tweet for a chance to win $25 certificate.” Add fun things to respond to throughout the event and keep it lively.

Twitter Events

Twitter events can vary but they all use the same hashtag system to operate. You can host various types of events for example, you could do a live interview with someone and host questions. You could ask people to tweet pictures from an event your company is running or is associated with. There’s a wide variety of ways to use events including offering a sale or a discount to event participants.

Have you now decided whether you need Twitter for your business? It’s a wonderful, interactive tool that offers a lot of bang for very little money. Consider including Twitter in your future marketing plans.