Case Study #3 – Low Budget Well Optimized Facebook Campaigns

This is an example of a very low budget Facebook campaign that we ran on a post that we created. Explained below are the various elements of an optimized post. This image is from an ongoing campaign and hence the results reflected are not the full results, this is just an indication.

An effective Facebook campaign will consist of several similar small ads that run to provide varieties to the target audience.


1. An easily identifiable name of the page

2. A fully optimized 90 character long copy with a specific call to action

3. An option to “Like” the page should the audience choose to

4. An image that conforms to Facebook standards

5 A title and a description that describes the objective aptly

6. Link to the original website

7. An appropriate “Call to Action”

8. Paid reach from just $10.62 spent, of a total budget of $35

9. Total of 28 actions taken whose break up is given below

10. Total amount spent so far

11. Targeting the right age group

12. Targeting the right interest group

13. Targeting the right area/city/state/country

14. The lifetime budget of this campaign.

Plans of Action used in this Case Study / Campaign – 4 Point Plan of Action Strategy

1. Facebook Marketing – Targeted

2. Content Amplification

3. Off – Page SEO

4. Sales Converstion – Call to Action