Social media is where most people spend their days. We see this all the time, in the news and on the internet. More and more companies are setting up accounts with Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and whatever the platform of the month is. The problem is that they aren’t choosing the platform that’s right for their company. They go all out and post things for a few months, but give up when they don’t see any results. The question, of course, is this: How do you choose the right one?

First up, before you dive into making accounts and marketing plans, make sure you know WHO you’re marketing to. What’s the ideal buyer personality you want to attract to your business? This will help you form the steps you need, and make it easier to focus on figuring out which platform is best.

Second, you need to understand that you aren’t only going to be posting your own content. It needs to be a mix of things that highlight your business and things that your ideal client will find interesting or useful. The aim of social media is to show that your business is made up not of faceless entities, but of real people, who connect and care about their clientèle.

If you have a diverse age group in your clientèle: Try Facebook.

With a large user base, an ad platform, and a simple interface, Facebook is a great place to start building a brand or to reach out to existing customers. Here, you want to post original content two to three times a week, which is best done between 6-8 am or 2-5 pm. The rest of the time, aim for one or two posts a day relating to other things your target audience will either enjoy reading or find useful.

If you have a lot of witty comments or connection to your community: Try Twitter.

Twitter really is for everyone. Whether you’re a one-person team or a multinational corporation, Twitter is something everyone can use. You can start and lead conversations both with your customers and with other brands. Post two to three times a day; maximum impact is usually achieved between 1 and 3 pm.

If you have a very visual business, like DIY, fashion, food, design or travel: Try Pinterest.

Pinterest is the collecting place for people to find and store things they like. From interior design to travel, organization to the latest food ideas, Pinterest is all about “pinning” and “re-pinning” content. Use your own boards to connect to others by re-pinning their content, or host contests, or show your product/services off to the best advantage. Aim to have your pins uploaded between 2-4 pm or 8-11 pm.

If you have a lifestyle, design, fashion or luxury brand: Try Instagram.

Instagram is designed for those who want to see and be seen. Here you want to post visual content and short, 15-second videos. People want to see things behind the scenes, or at their best. Share pictures of your design team’s desks, or sketches for your newest line of products. Alternatively, you could try showing off finished pieces, new packaging or a photoshoot. Post at least once a day between 4 and 6 pm.

If you have expertise or explanations to impart, or are a brand with video and ad content: Try YouTube.

Offer up things that your clients are likely to look to you for, and reasons to believe you are experts in your chosen field. Also keep in mind a subscription widget can transform single views into long-term influence. Post once or twice a week, videos that are no more than 15 minutes.

So, have you decided which social platform is right for you? For more information and help in establishing your business contact us at QS Digital today.