The pace of life and changes in technology mean that it is important for all businesses, small and large, to have a digital presence. As more companies create web pages, it is important to stand out among competitors. One way to do so is creating a landing page that can generate great leads.


1. Think about your target audience. Get as specific as you can before you create the page. For example, are you trying to attract people for a specific offer? Are you trying to test out a new product on a small sample before you release it to the public?

2. Once you have the reason for creating the page in mind, it’s time to look at the design. First, consider the background of the page. It should entice visitors, but not overwhelm them.

3. This page is for a specific reason, so it will need a smaller menu than other pages on your site. Create a menu specific to this page and keep the options on it to a minimum. A minimal amount of distractions helps generate great leads by keeping visitors focused.

4. If the landing page is for a contest or for a company to mail a new product sample, put the form visitors need to fill out front and center. Keep the form short. If there is a new product involved, put a product description below the form to generate intrigue.

5. The final element of the landing page that is important is a share link for visitors to share the page with others on various social media websites. This button is the most important way to generate great leads as it will encourage others to visit the website.

6. Make sure you create a mobile version of the landing page so visitors can access it no matter where they are. This will help create leads because it does not confine access to computers.

It is important to remember as you generate landing pages, you want people to enjoy their visit. A great lead has the potential for visitors to become customers. Before launching the landing page, make sure to test it in all of the major browsers to ensure it loads correctly.

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