The digital marketing landscape is rapidly changing. From the earliest days of keyword stuffing to present day SEO, marketing strategies have come a long way. Keeping up with the shifting industry doesn’t have to be difficult; you just need to know what technologies are best for your business. Keep the following digital marketing trends for 2016 in mind when developing your next campaign.

Video Marketing is the Next Big Thing

Video has become commonplace in the digital marketing world. People are watching and sharing more videos than ever before, and you can use this technology to your advantage. Videos are the epitome of great content: they’re useful, easy to digest, and entertaining. In fact, a recent survey found that 73% of B2B marketers believe video is an effective strategy for boosting ROI. If video is right for your brand image, it may give your marketing campaign a significant improvement.

The Power of Social Media “Buy Buttons”

Everyone knows that social media is a crucial part of a successful digital marketing campaign. Social media sites like Twitter and Pinterest have become keen on this idea and have started adding “buy buttons” to their platforms. Buy buttons enable your followers to buy directly through your social media channels. If you haven’t thought about joining one of these platforms yet, now may be the time.

Automation Platforms are Getting Smarter

Automation blasted into the digital marketing industry and has become incredibly useful overnight. Automation platforms are improving every day, making it easier to manage your marketing campaigns and gain valuable insights. From small business to enterprise corporations, automation helps identify, segment, and target your ideal customers. Furthermore, integrated analytics platforms show you how your marketing campaigns are resonating with your audience. These platforms will continue to improve and become standard in the realm of digital marketing.

As technology advances, so too will trends within the digital marketing industry. With a little research and dedication, your business will stay on top of these trends and continue to attract customers.