E-mail marketing is a great way to stay connected to current customers and reach out to prospective customers. To make your e-mail marketing effective, you need to ensure you are playing by the most current rules.  These do’s and don’ts of e-mailer marketing will help your campaigns become more effective.

Do Personalize:

Personalization makes customers feel special, even if it’s as simple as starting the email message with their first name, which is easy to do in most email automation software. You can even take it a step further and customize the subject line to your customer.

Do Keep Messages Short:

Everyone is busy. Be sure to keep your email message succinct. Lengthy emails do not have high click-through rates. Grab their attention with an intriguing subject line and have a clear call to action in the body of the email.

Do Segment Your Marketing Lists:

Sending everyone on your email list the same email will ensure that your bounce rates are high and your click-through rates are low. You must segment your lists. Contractors won’t be interested in the same offers and education as interior designers so segment those lists! You can segment lists out many ways, but you can start by segmenting customers and prospective customers by the industry they are in.

Don’t Spam:

This is the #1 don’t. Nothing gets you flagged faster than spamming customers and prospective customers. Ensure that the people on your email lists subscribed to your emails. Along these same lines, never buy email marketing lists. Many times the emails on these lists are obtained by less than savory means.

Don’t Forget to Test:

Never send out an email without testing across many platforms and devices before sending out live. You want to ensure that the email is readable on Smart Phones and computers.

Don’t Email to Frequently:

Too many emails is a top complaint among customers. Yes, you want to keep them in the loop and reach out to them, but inundating their inbox with emails will get them to unsubscribe very fast. Bi-weekly or monthly emails are recommended.

When working on your email marketing, remember the do’s and don’ts to ensure you have a successful email campaign.