Effective logos have diverse qualities. Coca-Cola’s cursive type and bright red backdrop is one of the most prominent logos. NBC has a rich history of logos, ultimately leading to the six feathered peacock we see in the right-hand corner of our screens during Saturday Night Live. Apple will never be mistaken for any other logo. Simple name. Simple design. These corporate identities are the first impression. They will visually draw you into their products or services. Here are five helpful hints in creating the eye candy of a future brand.

1. Clean Layout

Geometry is your friend in effective logo design. As you design the shape of your product or service’s identity, you want the sides of that shape defined in a crisp fashion. The rule of thumb often used is to design your logo within a circle.

2. Inventive Typography

The design of a letter plays a huge role in identifying a brand. In most situations, social media platforms identify themselves by one single letter. It is instant recognition, even for those who avoid social media.

3. Use Simplicity

A logo will never be effective if there are too many elements included within it. The eye of a consumer must not get too perplexed by a busy design.

4. Understand Color

There is a hidden psychology in color. We know instinctively how colors make us feel. You want your brand to evoke an intended feeling.

5. Originality is Key

Cliches are huge errors in the design world. Your logo will fall flat if you do not think outside the box. Remember, circles are better friends than boxes.

Follow these easy steps for an effective brand identity. Your brand will thank you. Customers will thank you that much more. Imagination goes a long way. Even with a limited budget, the sky is the limit with an effective identity. Employees should brainstorm and submit their ideas for a potent logo. Since they know the business well, they are likely to submit ideas which accurately portray the company’s image. If a logo grabs a potential customer’s attention, the first step to a success business is complete.