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Email Marketing

Email Marketing That Nurtures, Converts & Retains Customers

Why Harness The Power of Email Marketing For Your Practice?

Even with all the new ways to chat on your phone, studies show that 61% of customers still like to get messages from their favorite brands through email. In fact, 98% of people check their email every day.

Email marketing is a good way to keep in touch with your clients without spending a lot of money. It’s not just about sending reminders for appointments or newsletters.

With email marketing, you can create a strong relationship with your clients by sending welcome messages when they join your list; sending emails that can make them want to buy something, sending helpful emails to keep them engaged, and dividing your audience into groups for more personalized messages.

Email marketing gives you a lot of opportunities, and the best part is that you get a lot of return on your investment. For every $1 you spend on email, you get an average of $36 back.

Have you been using email marketing for your business?

QS Digital Solutions can help you get better results with your email marketing strategy. Keep scrolling to see how we do it.

How Email Marketing Helps Your Business

Build Customer Loyalty

Your clients who receive your email campaigns already indicated an interest in your services from the instant they subscribed to your email list. Targeted email campaigns to these people will result in a higher chance of engagement and conversion while building customer loyalty.

Send Targeted Messages

Personalized messaging is critical for high engagement and conversion. With email marketing, you can segment your audience and send specific educational or promotional campaigns to them for higher conversion.

Boost Web Traffic and Social Media Following

You can use email to drive traffic to your website or social media. Engagement-driven campaigns, as well as Informational or promotional-driven campaigns can increase your website traffic.

Test your campaigns

With email marketing, you can know what works and what doesn’t by testing your campaigns. From the subject line to images, email copy, and the time of sending, you can gain valuable insight into what your customers respond to, and how they respond.

Measure and Track Performance

Measure and track metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, and conversion. Compare your performance to your business goals and industry benchmarks.

Our Approach to Email Marketing

Custom Strategy

Our email marketing experts will audit your email campaigns, to find out what has been working, and what hasn’t. Then in line with your business goals, we’ll create a unique email marketing strategy for higher engagement and conversion rates.

Audience Segmentation

Segmentation is key to campaign success. If your email list is not segmented, we’ll sit with you to come up with a segmentation strategy that makes sense (e.g. dog owners, cat owners).

Campaign Design and Deployment

From start to finish, we will draft and launch your campaigns. This typically includes writing the email content, designing graphics, setting up email automation, and launching them.

Campaign Tracking and Reporting

VMG’s email expert will track your campaigns, and give you a holistic report on your campaign progress and effectiveness. We’ll also schedule an online meeting with you to go over your reports and break down the numbers mean.

Ongoing List Management

One thing that can mar your email marketing efforts is a poor list. Over time some people may no longer interact with your brand or unsubscribe. VMG will constantly manage your list to ensure you have only subscribers that are active and willing to engage.

Ongoing Strategy

We’ll keep coming up with and recommending ideas and strategies to help you connect more with your audience, and get more appointments booked.

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