Almost everyone we know has a Facebook personal page and interacts there regularly. What better avenue is there to promote your small business? Utilize this social media option as a basic path to helping others learn about your products and/or services, while creating a social media presence.

Create a special page for your business

Among the most basic and simple of Facebook strategies for small business is creating a special page. When you click on the create page option in your existing Facebook account, the first to appear is a local business. Choose this and follow the prompts. Small businesses benefit with this Facebook option, particularly when you have followers asking questions and creating dialogue about your offerings.

Generating interest in your product or service is easily accomplished when others see people talking about it. They will want to join in and hop on the train. Invite everyone you know to like your new page. Encourage friends and family to share it on their Newsfeed. Post regularly, filling in gaps with recent articles relating to your business type.

Offer chances to participate

Offer an opportunity for new customers to participate soon after your page goes live, such as a new customer discount. Small businesses benefit from the use of this Facebook strategy.

When you have established a good amount of regular followers, create an event. This is something special going on at your business to attract customers at a certain time. Your followers can RSVP and let you know what type of interest this generates. Keep up with the effectiveness of each strategy you use to create interest in your small business on Facebook. Repeat those that are successful.

Use your analytics

Keep up with your page likes and how many potential customers you reach with each of your Facebook posts. Take advantage of the weekly report sent out by Facebook, letting you know how well you page is doing. Be active on your Facebook business page and constantly monitor how it affects your bottom line.

Creating and tweaking a special business page on Facebook is a great way to begin establishing an online social presence. Adding Twitter, Linked In, Snapchat and other social media accounts, along with digital marketing, complete your online profile.

If this is something you prefer to do quickly and professionally, contact us to develop your profile and start attracting all those new customers.