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Mobile Development

According to a survey, current number of mobile devices will soon outpace human population! Such is the pace with which the mobile industry is booming. And this is getting most businesses to re-think their strategy in terms of how to maximize the unlimited potential. QS Web Solution’s expert developers can develop custom mobile apps for you.


QSD delivers solutions for the primary device platforms. If yours isn't listed here, give us a call anyway.

  • iPhones
  • iPads
  • Androids

Types of Apps we can build for you

  • Internal productivity apps catered to your staff or partners
  • Apps targeted towards your clients/affiliates/general public

Types of apps that our clients look for are:

  • Sales & Marketing / CRM
  • Accounts Management
  • Online ticketing
  • Parking ticketing
  • Online reservation
  • Mobile Blog
  • Mobile News publication
  • Customized reports and dashboards

You get is an app that is

  • Custom Mobile app built to your needs
  • Aesthetic and easy to easy to use
  • Loaded either on your device or on a public store (e.g.such as Apple Store)
  • Instruction manual on how to use and how to maintain the app

How it works

  • You tell us your requirements
  • We provide you a quote a high-level project plan
  • You agree to get started
  • We develop the app
  • We fine-tune the app based on your feedback
  • We provide you plans for ongoing support