Marketing automation is an incredible tool for businesses that want to nurture prospects strategically. Although costly, the ROI and the benefits of a marketing automation tool can sometimes outweigh those costs.

What is Marketing Automation?

It refers to software that completes marketing actions for your business that are often repetitive in nature such as emails and social media postings. It is a great way to nurture prospects with highly personalized content.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

One of it’s benefit is that it frees up resources in small businesses that are already stretched. It also allows bigger companies to connect with all of their customers more effectively.

It also helps businesses to remain consistent. Many automation programs will post to social media on your behalf on a consistent schedule.

Nurturing your prospective clients is much easier with marketing automation. You can set up your program to automatically send follow-up emails to clients, birthday emails and emails to let them know you are thinking of them. When a prospective client signs up for something on your website, the automation tool can automatically send a follow-up email to them.

Tools Available for Automation

There are many automation tools out there. Some are more robust than others and it depends on your business needs as to which will work best. A few of the more robust marketing automation tools are Marketo and Adobe Campaign. Automation tools that work best for small businesses include Hubspot, Pardot and Infusionsoft.

Do You Need Automation?

How do you determine if your business needs marketing automation? First, evaluate the tools that you are currently using. Can any of those tools be expanded to automate certain marketing processes? After you have evaluated your current tools, consider if you have the time to invest in learning a new tool as well as the cost to purchase the tool. When weighing the time and cost investment also take into consideration that you will be able to reach more clients with less work than before. After answering those questions you can determine whether or not your company should invest in marketing automation software.

Marketing automation is not for every business, but can help you to keep a consistent message across all lines of marketing and free staff up to spend time on other marketing functions.