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Project Description

Nestled in the quaint seaside village of Bellport, New York, our small, comfortable, and eclectic gallery has taken root. Throughout the year the gallery offers seven or eight new exhibits featuring art from the 19th through the 21st century. The major concentration of the art offered is from the modern period, most especially, the post World War ll era through the street art of the 21st century. The opening of each exhibit is on a Friday evening and runs from 6PM to 9PM and each exhibit extends for about 6 weeks. Our offerings attempt to fill the needs of art lovers, new collectors, and seasoned connoisseurs. The artists offered run the gamut from masters to young second tier artists, and most especially Matthew Troyan, a rediscovered master artist that been brought to the public eye since 2009 by art historian and curator, Robert H. Bake