Video marketing is a key component to any marketing campaign, but getting traction for your videos is difficult. For your videos to get attention, you must understand search engine optimization well. These three tips will maximize the impact your videos gain.

1. Provide Value

Producing videos that advertise your products is nice, but potential customers are looking for value. Rather than just promote your business, give advice to your clients. This may mean giving content away, but it will also drive customers to your business.

2. Tag Your Videos with Appropriate Keywords

You want key demographics to find your videos, so you must apply the right keywords. Research the best-performing keywords for your business, and tag your videos with these keywords. If you tag your videos with the right keywords, then your videos will attract more people. Your videos should extend your web presence, and with the right keywords, they will.

3. Use “Closed Captioning”

Most video hosting sites include a closed captioning option. This option seems unimportant but offers significant value. With closed captioning users can consume your video even without sound. This allows users to consume your content regardless of their situation. Closed captioning also offers more content for search engines to crawl through. If there are keywords within the audio of your video content, then the search engine will pick this information up. Closed captioning will increase the reach of your video content, so adding it to your videos is crucial.

Videos can change your marketing strategy dramatically, but without taking the right SEO steps the strategy to get better leverage out of videos will not be too successful.