Video marketing has now taken its place on the cutting edge of customer attention-getting, supplanting info-graphics and static websites. According to a Cisco White Paper, video accounted for 64% of all consumer internet traffic in 2014 and is increasing over 5% every year.

Video Marketing Ideas:

  1. Create short “thank you” videos from your team to new customers or repeat customers whom you up-sell.
  2. Make a video that demonstrates your products, perhaps linked to product catalogs on your website.
  3. Film brief (15 second) testimonials from customers.
  4. Make short how-to videos on relevant topics that will provide real information.
  5. Create videos that ask prospects to “call us, “sign up for a free trial,” or “tell your friends about us.” Make one for each of your major calls to action.
  6. Make videos of major consumer events or shows where your company is represented.
  7. Consider a  scheduled live broadcast webinar on an informational topic.
  8. Interview prominent experts in your field. You don’t even have to mention your product.
  9. Try a live demonstration or film a live audience demonstration done by staff including an audience Q and A.
  10. Film a “day at the office” including your staff.

Using the Videos

  1. “Drip feed” the videos within your content marketing. Space them into relevant parts of your ongoing content marketing message. Your drip-fed videos should aim an average of 60 seconds at the top of your sales funnel and up to 10 minutes of information for more committed prospects lower on the funnel.
  2. Use the videos you feature on-line as in-store or offline presentations. This will integrate sales with your on-line presence. It helps customers feel involved with your brand.
  3. Use your online videos in any media advertising your do as well.