WordPress Maintenance Service

Having your own dedicated website administrator and IT team is costly. We offer website maintenance and administration service to manage your website security, updates and fixes for a fraction of a price.

Website Maintenance Service

Website Security

We audit your website against known vulnerabilities. Every day bad hackers are looking for security vulnerabilities to exploit your website. If vulnerabilities are discovered we apply the latest patches from the plugin authors and we subscribe to this so that we are on top of the game.

Core and Plugin Updates

Wordpress Core and its Plugins must be updated regularly. This is to fix the bug issues, security flaws and over all improvement of your plugin and the WordPress core. Updated Core and Plugins is also one way of securing the website

Uptime Monitor

Each minute a Website is down is a minute of losing a potential customer. We monitor your website 24/7 and if the website is down we investigate it immediately. If the site is not hosted with us we will contact your Hosting provider and we will manage it for you.

Malware Removal

In an event that the site is infected by a malware, our real-time monitoring can capture this and it will notify as that an intrusion has happened. We will immediately take action and remove the harmful & malicious scripts.


Data is precious. We offer daily backup of your website and bi-monthly Offsite Backup. The daily backup secures you that we can restore your website if something has happened to it like pages being lost or there is an error to your website. Twice a month we offload your website to our another server to make sure that you have a secondary backup.

Monthly Report

Every month we will send you a status report of your website. It includes plugin updates, performance report and traffic report.

Webcare Pricing

  • Basic Webcare
  • Professional Webcare
  • Business Webcare (with WooCommerce or Membership)
  • Business Wecare + Hosting with Us
Basic WebcareProfessional WebcareBusiness Webcare (with WooCommerce or Membership)Business Wecare + Hosting with Us
WordPress Audit
We will audit the overall health of your website before we start the webcare. This is to get the health status of your website. We will also get the list of plugins that you might not want to be updated because it has customization.
WordPress Vulnerability Audit
We run a thorough vulnerability check of the website to make sure that there are no vulnerable plugins that hackers might exploit to gain access.
WordPress (Core, Themes & Plugins)
Wordpress updates - core, themes and plugins are scheduled and tested before we run an update. This is to make sure that the site will not break if we update something to the website.
WordPress Database Optimization
As website gets busy, the database will become cluttered and we run optimization to repair the database table and delete the garbage transactions inside the Database insuring stable and error free query thus making the performance faster.
60 Day Back-Up Archive
We keep your backup outside your Server host so that we can keep a copy of your website just incase any technical issues would occur with your host. A secondary backup is a good practice.
Offsite Back-up
A secondary backup stored outside your hosting company. Just like the backup archive, we store your Website backup (Files and Database) to our Google Drive Storage.
Website Performance Scan
We will scan your website pages load time and we will give you the necessary recommendation on what improvement you can do. Also we can offer this as an add-on service if you want us to fix the speed of your website.
Anti-Spam Setup
We setup anti-spam, making sure your comments are clean from unwanted comments.
Malware Protection & Removal
As part of web security, we monitor your website against malware and remove it if our system detects it.
24/7 Uptime Monitoring
We monitor your website 24/7 against downtime. If the website is down we will follow up your host and monitor it until it goes online again.
Activity Log Monitor
All actions of the administrator will be recorded as evidence if something wrong with the site.
SEO Audit
We run basic SEO audit and give you the necessary recommendation. We also offer full Search Engine Optimization as a separate service.
Staging Server
We will setup a test site of your website so that we can test plugins before updating. This is to insure that we will not break your website during updates.
WordPress Cloning & Migration
We offer migration of your website. This is often done from development to live or moving to another server.
SEO Monthly Report
We will send you the monthly traffic of your website.
eCommerce (WooCommece/Membership)
If the website has an eCommerce and Membership system we offer a special web care service for such website because it requires special attention especially in managing products, payments, and memberships.
Change Request
You can request tasks to us. Each month you have a minimum of 30mins up to 4hrs (that comes with your plan). Also we offer task per hr; This task includes adding page or product, blog post and some minor fixing. Functionality request can be arrange as well, just send a ticket at support@qs.digitalduct, blog post and some minor fixing.
30 mins per month60 mins per month90 mins per month120mins per month
Website Size
We limit the website size for each plan because web disk size is a premium service especially in the backup scene. If your website exceeds our maximum limit we can make some arrangements.
up to 3-Gigabyteup to 7-GigabyteUp to 10-Gigabyte
Minimum of 30products (+$20 per 30 products)
Up to 10-Gigabyte
Minimum of 30products (+$20 per 30 products)
Ask UsAsk UsAsk UsAsk Us

Subscription fees will be charged one month in advance. You can cancel subscription at any time.

Confused about which plan to choose?
Don’t worry. Watch this explainer video or Contact our Webcare team with your website link and they will be happy to assist you.

WebCare FAQ

The contract is per month however we offer long term long contract and discounts will be given.

Yes you can cancel anytime just contact us before your next contract.

Webcare or Website maintenance is important to maintain your website’s health from update plugins, uptime monitor, backup schedule and possible restoration. 

Webhosting companies does not offer maintenance out of the box. Their main service is to be your server provider only, so maintenance like backup, security, uptime monitoring is not part of their service. That’s where we come in to serve you.

The basic webcare package is good for small website. Both Professional and Basic gets the same care. Professional webcare includes SEO monitoring and if the website have Payment system which requires special attention and testing before doing any maintenance.

We don’t provide license to premium plugins. We suggest you buy it personally so if you opt out in our contract your licenses will be intact at your website.

If you want some changes to your website like adding & editing content (blog post), tracking code we can do this for you. 

Theme modification like adding a function, css modification are excluded on this webcare. 

If you want to do some modifications to the theme and overall functionality of the website we can do it but you be charge per hr. You can contact us for more info,. 

Once we are in contract we will create your support portal account where you can send your request and track the ticket request.

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