The big debate in companies today goes back and forth: should you hire a marketing team in-house, or outsource your marketing department? The answer, when you examine the details, is actually quite simple. Here’s why it’s better and more cost-effective for you to consider outsourcing.

Better Results 

When you outsource with the right companies, you’ll be hiring real experts. From tested campaigns and experience, they’ll know what works and what doesn’t; they won’t be starting from the ground up to build a strategy and production plan, as an in-house team would.

Outsourcing your marketing lends you a dedicated team with true accountability: they’ll deliver higher quality recommendations and analysis, based not only on a standard you and your company adhere to, but to marketing standards across the board, from which they can draw extra insights, ideas, and correlations.

More Cost-Effective

Agencies have every kind of specialist there for you and your needs. By working with these professionals, you’ll have a higher quality brand presence, with better marketing and advertising graphics. You’ll have a higher level of content to be posted, with their content specialists.

By choosing to outsource, then, you’ll have the appearance you need without multiple salaries to cover! In addition, agencies will often save you money on advertising and marketing rates; they have relationships that will allow them better placement at lower rates, and they have the long-term, tested know-how, when running ads on a cost-per-click basis, to drive that cost down for you.

So, a better look for a fraction of the expense to you? It’s a clear choice, when you need to decide. In addition, when you outsource a digital marketing agency like QS Digital Solutions, you’ll be backed by experts with a background of relevant experience to draw upon from scores of successful clients. That’s the support you’ll need when considering whose hands your marketing should lie in, and it’s why you should consider outsourcing–for your own best return.