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Content Marketing

Superior Content That Demonstrates Your Expertise and Boosts Your Authority

Why You Need to Create Quality Content

Usually, when people need answers, they turn to Google and look for articles and videos about that topic.

Your customers are no different.

Your prospects will always have questions, and your job is to make sure your business has the answers. This will make you stand out from the competition and demonstrate your expertise.

The good news is, you can provide answers creating content such as blogs, articles, videos, and social media posts.

Making content with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind, like blog posts and web content, will help you show up higher in Google search results. This means more people will visit your website and you’ll have a better chance of getting them to become your customers.

One more thing to remember is that your prospects can tell if  your content isn’t good. So, just making your content SEO-friendly isn’t enough anymore.

Your content has to be interesting to your audience, help them answer their questions, and move them further down your sales funnel.

QS Digital Solutions has a team of content marketing experts who can create great content that brings turn visitors to lead, and leads to customers.

From making a content strategy to researching keywords, writing content, and adapting your content for different platforms, we’ve got you covered.

How Content Marketing Helps Your Business

Build Brand Awareness

Content marketing helps you put your brand continuously in the minds of your target audience. By reading your blog content or watching your videos, you’re reinforcing your brand, and creating more awareness on organic searches as well as social media.

Demonstrate Expertise, Build Authority

Customers lean more towards brands that can provide them answers and solutions to their questions and pain points. Publishing quality content helps you demonstrate your expertise, and grow your online authority.

Get Better SEO Results

Content marketing and SEO, are marketing strategies businesses that go hand in hand. Creating high-quality content optimized for relevant keywords helps search engines and prospective customers find you faster.

Increase Conversion

Good content pushes your readers down to the next stage of their customer journey. By creating quality content, you push your readers or viewers to become quality leads, and then customers.

Cultivate Brand Loyalty

One way to build loyalty around your brand is by continuously providing relevant content for your audience. By making your practice their go-to for information and education, they see you as an expert and become loyal to your brand.

Easily Segment Leads

Creating content around different topics will help you easily segment your audience. For instance, when a visitor reads a blog on a specific topic, you can provide a content upgrade, add them to your email list, and send them personalized nurture campaigns.

QSD's Approach to Content Marketing That Works for You

Content Audit

Our first step in content marketing is to audit the content on your website including website content and blogs. The audit gives us an insight into how well your pages are performing. It also identifies pages that can be improved and keyword opportunities.

SEO Keyword Research and Market Analysis

Once we have our content audit on your site, we perform in-depth keyword research and market analysis to uncover keywords you should be using on your site and keyword opportunities. Market research helps us know what your audience wants, and what the competition is doing or not doing.

Content Strategy Development

Our expert content marketing team proceeds to develop your content marketing strategy. This includes the primary and secondary keywords to focus on, the type of content, the platforms to distribute your content, and publishing frequency.

Content Writing

Our content marketing team will perform in-depth research for every content to come up with one that resonates with your audience, matches your brand voice, and compels them to take the desired action you want them to take.

SEO Content Optimization

To make your content perform well and rank, we optimize them for search engines after the writing phase. Every section is scrutinized to ensure the right keywords are used, and that the piece is unique, relevant, and digestible.

Periodic Content Audit and Optimization

Over time, the content on your website especially blog posts might become outdated, or stop ranking as well as it used to. Period content audit, helps us identify content that needs to be updated and optimize. This is usually done every 6 months and ensures the content on your site stays relevant for your audience and optimized for search engines.

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